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Sharp Milestones

From the beginning of our history, Sharp has been bringing quality products to homes and businesses all around the world. Thank you to all of our employees, business partners, and especially our customers for helping us reach this milestone. We are proud to continue in our technological advancements, as well as focusing on sustainable growth for our next 100 years!

Our founder Tokuji Hayakawa’s cutting edge innovations began in 1912 with the Tokubijo Snap Buckle which could be adjusted in length without the need for fastening holes, followed by the Ever-Ready Sharp Pencil in 1915.

There had been a wide range of “world’s first” technologies that Sharp had brought to the market that gave excitement to the consumers and innovative way of working to various businesses around the world.  With the most recent introduction of the world’s first Windows Collaboration Display and new Plasmacluster air purification systems, Sharp continues to help connect people and businesses together in a safer living and working environment.

For years to come we will continue to create solutions to advance smart homes and smart offices globally.

From the beginning, Sharp has been driven by originality.
We originate technologies that enhance lifestyles,
Inspire innovations that support individual expression,
And create products that let you be you.
There is only one Sharp.
There is only one you.
Be Original.

Discover our cutting edge innovations from the last 108 years here


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