Environmental Policy

The employees of Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. are committed to conduct business operations and activities in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment.

To further this commitment, Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that serves as a framework for setting objectives and targets for environmental care, for taking periodic stock of our accomplishments and progress, and for continuously improving our capacity to achieve the following results:


We will identify, evaluate and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements we subscribe to where we conduct business.

           Awareness of Environment
We will promote the participation of all employees in the EMS. We will communicate this policy to all employees, make it available to the public, and establish procedures to receive and respond to inquiries from external interested parties.
Responsible Partnerships
We will work with customers to address mutual environmental concerns and will encourage suppliers, importers, and distributors to comply with similar environmental protection policies.
      Encourage Recycling and Prevention of Pollution
We will strive to diminish our consumption of natural resources through cost effective use of recycled and reused materials and conservation of energy and water. The first option will be to prevent pollution and second, to use safe methods of disposal, control, or abatement when prevention is infeasible.