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New Business Friendly 4K Ultra-HD Displays

New Business Friendly 4K Ultra-HD Displays

Sharp Electronics of Canada recently launched a new series of 4K Ultra-HD displays with built-in tuner support, business-friendly features and an elegant, slender frame, designed to engage audiences in hospital, business and retail settings.

The 4TB Series includes three models: the 4TB60CJ1U with a 60-inch class screen; the 4TB70CJ1U with a 70-inch class screen; and the 4TB80CJ1U with an 80-inch class screen.

The displays are engineered to be simple to set up and run. 

Features include:

Superb 4K Ultra-HD Image Quality – all models bring out colour depth, detail and clarity. Audiences will notice subtle textures and fine details not visible at full HD resolution.

Enhanced Connectivity – all models include two HDMI inputs, a RS-232C and LAN command set, a built-in USB port, and a built-in media player to display photos, music and videos.

Ultimate Control Features – the models support flexible remote control capabilities from connected devices. Business owners can easily lockout features such as IR remote, power, channel, volume and input, preventing unwanted adjustments.

Large Screen, Slim Bezel – the 4TB Series is lightweight with a pleasing appearance. It also features powerful 10-watt audio with bottom-facing speakers.

The 4TB Series will be available soon.


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