SSC2489DS 24” SuperSteam+™ Superheated Steam and Convection Built-In Wall Oven

Stainless steel, black glass finish

1.1 cu. Ft. capacity

Wi-Fi enabled, 3-in-1 combination smart wall oven

Mobile application for iOS and Android devices

Cooks with Superheated Steam at browning temperatures, gentle and regular steam, radiant heat & convection

New steam bake and water bath settings

Built-In ready 24" oven can be installed in a wall, under-the-counter or kitchen island with no additional trim kit needed

Brilliant LCD display with touch navigation

No wet-wall installation or water line required, standard 120v power

Incandescent interior light

LED Stage lighting

2 baking / steam trays + 2 grill / broil racks

Voice control (home assistant not included)

It's Time to Rethink Steam

The Sharp SuperSteam+™ Built-In Wall Oven is the start of a cooking revolution. The innovation is simply that steam can be hotter, cook better, and promote healthy living.

Regular steam only reaches 212°F, but the SuperSteam+™ also creates superheated steam at 485°F. Meats and proteins will brown. Sugars will caramelize. You can grill without smoke, roast without drying and your food is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. And don’t forget, the Sharp SuperSteam+™ built-in wall oven is also a powerful convection oven with even heating for superior baking. That’s three ovens in one! Now, the new Sharp SuperSteam+™ built-in wall oven features Steam Bake for superior breads, and Water Bath for cheesecakes, custards and puddings.

Get started right away with built-in recipes, and download the Sharp SuperSteam+ Oven app to enable the smart features and access thousands of recipes powered by SideChef. Cleanup is a breeze with two, preset cleaning modes. There is even a sterilize option for canning jars, lids and small utensils.

The removable reservoir means no special plumbing or wet-wall installation is required. And with a common, 120V power requirement, you can just plug it into a regular outlet and you're ready to go.

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