Mailing Solutions

Mailing Solutions

Make your mail-outs more efficient.
These mailing systems give a whole new meaning to post-haste.

At Sharp, we’re always seeking opportunities to improve the bottom line for our customers—in every area of their business.

By partnering with a world class mailing solution manufacturer, we’ve created an exceptional opportunity to increase productivity and lower costs in one of the most overlooked areas—the mailroom.

Our customers get all the advantages of best-in-class mailing technology backed by the trusted Sharp support team. It’s the best of both worlds.

The line-up offers mailing systems in a range of sizes, speeds, and volumes, so there’s a model to match every office’s needs, no matter how big or small. Every model is whisper quiet, user-friendly, fast, and cost-effective.

  Cost controlling.
Manage your mail costs with systems that track and report postage use by department. Error-free postage calculations mean you never overpay—even by a penny.
  Fast and efficient.
Depending on the model, these mail systems can process letters at speeds of more than one per second. Optional envelope sealers and automatic feeders make mail-outs even faster and easier.
  Brand boosting.
Metered mail not only looks professional, but these mailing systems also have the ability to add custom logos, ads, and messages to envelopes.
  Postage on demand.
Never run out of stamps again. Smart, user-friendly machines weigh letters and packages, determine the exact postage rate, and securely download digital postage.
  Space saving.
Their small footprint and quiet operation make these mail systems an easy, unobtrusive fit for any workspace, from home offices to corporate mailrooms.
  100% Canada Post Corporation compliant.
Every mailing system automatically updates to the latest postal rates, ensuring your digital postage is always correct and mail is never delayed.

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