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Seamless Collaboration and Boundless Productivity to Improve Businesses and Lives

The Shift to Simply Smarter

We understand how your business needs are changing as they grow, we can provide scalable solutions that improve performance, enhance collaboration, increase productivity, and help deliver the workplace of the future.

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Simply Smarter Digitization of Workflow

We can help your organization optimize business operations and accelerate digital transformation. Whether you want to grow or recover revenue, enable hybrid work, or create a more sustainable business model, SHARP is here for you.

Simply Smarter Collaboration

From boardrooms to classrooms, retail to commercial spaces, we offer the widest range of solutions to take collaboration to the next level. Deliver an impactful message & collaborate like never before with our interactive, commercial displays, dvLEDs, projectors, laptops & desktops.

Simply Smarter Security

From Absolute Cloud-Based Device Management to SHARP Security Suite, we can help organizations improve their security posture by providing a range of solutions that fit within the most sophisticated security protocols. SHARP provides a layered approach that is needed to secure your printers and laptops.

Simply Smarter Living

From being the inventors of the Microwave Drawer to Plasmacluster® Ion Technology powered air purifiers, we are dedicated to creating solutions that help in improving lives by promoting health and wellness, convenience, productivity and energy efficiency. Our technology and services connect your devices, your work, your people and your lifestyle.

Services & Tech Support

Unburden your IT team with our local support team offering everything from customized laptop and kitting services to managing your PaperCut and Drivve Image deployments to our customized user training services. Plus, enjoy the benefits of Sharp Pre & Post Sales Assistance program. 

Simply Smarter Collaboration

Enhance the way you communicate using state-of-the-art technology

Collaboration Displays

Regardless of the setting, collaborate like never before with SHARP Collaboration Displays. Our award-winning display solutions enable a productive working environment and communication, whether you are working in a boardroom, conference room or anywhere in the world. Just walk in, plug in and work together. 

Laptops & Desktops Monitors

Designed to enhance work performance, our desktop monitor range allows for a slimmer profile, lighter weight and increased power savings. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, trust our sleek and stylish Dynabook laptops. They are the perfect all-around computing solutions for businesses looking for reliable performance.

Multi-functional Printers

SHARP Multifunction Printers are just not your regular printers, they are portals. These devices integrate the power of a printer, photocopier and scanner into one single device. For businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, the multiple functions offered by our all-in-one printers can help your organization work smarter.


Our superior line of projectors consists of both Multimedia projectors, providing crystal-clear images for large and small spaces and Digital Cinema projectors, offering incredible clarity and detail with total fidelity for theatres. 

Commercial Displays

Choose the right display technology to elevate your business communication & content with SHARP Digital Signage & Commercial Displays for best viewing experience. Built for 24/7 commercial use & available in a wide range of sizes.

dvLEDs (Direct-View LED)

SHARP/NEC's full line of indoor and outdoor direct-view LED video displays provide attention-grabbing, high-contrast and intensely bright images. Our dvLEDs are perfect to amplify your message to a larger audience whether it is a sports arena, broadcasting backdrop, corporate signage, or retail environment. Either go big or go home.  

Simply Smarter Digitization

Easily access documents and data on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Workflow Automation

Digitize and automate your tedious manual processes to make timely and accurate business decisions anytime, anywhere. Our workflow automation solutions help in improving your processes, making documents and data readily available.

Document Management

Store and manage your digital documents in a cloud-based, centralized system for secure on-demand access. Plus, help maintain compliance with granular access controls, full audit logs and records retention/management.

Advanced Capture Apps

SHARP’s Open Systems Architecture (OSA) provides direct access to Advanced Capture apps from the MFP control panel. This gives users a single on-ramp to powerful automation tools for document processing, routing, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and data capture.

Advanced Document Scanning

SHARP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are equipped with advanced scanning functionality right out of the box. Integrations with industry-leading content management and file storage apps streamline the digitization process. 

Advanced Print Management

Optimize your printer count/footprint and costs by implementing eco-friendly printing policies. Advanced print management software, such as PaperCut™, can facilitate billing, accounting, secure print release and activity tracking.

Windows Autopilot Support

With Dynabook, we offer varying levels of Windows Autopilot deployment services. Offering a completely hands-free digital approach to Windows Autopilot deployment services, our White Glove service provisions your laptops before being shipped out. 

Wherever work takes you, we'll be there

Work from anywhere with technology from SHARP. Remain productive and protected with laptops and accessories, monitors, desktop printers. Along with world class Air Purifiers for a perfect work environment


Simply Smarter Security

Stay ahead of malicious intruders with leading-edge security.

Printer and Copier Data Security

SHARP Multi-function Printers can help protect your confidential data and personal information with leading-edge security. Our multi-layered approach provides an extensive set of standard and optional features that help protect access to your SHARP device and your network. All SHARP devices support 256-bit AES data encryption for data-at-rest in the machine and TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) for data in transit. Integrated antivirus powered by Bitdefender is also available.

Integrated Network Interface

Unauthorized access to your MFP or printer can put data at risk. SHARP MFPs’ intelligent network interface provides security control features designed to prevent threats and document improper device access.

SHARP Security Suite

SHARP provides a multi-layered approach to help safeguard organizations against security threats. SHARP MFPs and printers are designed to help IT administrators and security officials plan, choose and implement proper risk prevention and control through the comprehensive SHARP Security Suite.

Absolute Cloud-Based Device Management

The security of your laptop data is a top concern, which is why we offer a complete portfolio of Absolute® Security Software Solutions.

On-site Upgrades

With Dynabook, we offer on-site memory, HDD/SSD upgrades with image transfer and data migration. We coordinate all logistics to minimize business disruption and make sure that your data stays safe. 

BIOS Configuration Services & Asset Tagging

For a deeper level of system configuration and security, Dynabook’s BIOS can be custom-configured at the factory. Plus, our Dynabook asset tagging helps companies improve track ability & reduce the loss of deployed laptops. 

Simply Smarter Living

We are dedicated to creating innovative products that help improve lives

Plasmacluster® Air Purifiers

Through a unique combination of Plasma cluster ions and ultimate HEPA filters, SHARP Air Purifiers remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. Plus, its humidification feature helps in maintaining the existing humidity in the room. Creating a real feel-good environment for you and your body.

Consumer TVs

Our latest Consumer TVs offer up-to-the-minute smart technology in a range of sizes to fit your room and entertainment needs. Go beyond smart. SHARP’s cutting-edge technology delivers breathtaking colour and clarity and makes it easy to enjoy your favourite shows, movies and streaming content.

Microwave Drawer

From inventing the world's first Turntable Microwave oven to the world's first Microwave Drawer, SHARP's contribution and performance in the global kitchen electronics industry has been nothing less than a showstopper. 

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators, Cooktops, Super-steam ovens, accessories, Over-the-range microwaves, SHARP offers a great range of affordable premium kitchen appliances. Explore our world-class appliance that offers design plus functionality. 

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