A standalone signage solution with the flexibility and expandability to support various applications and usage styles. Thanks to its built-in SoC (System on a Chip) controller, the 50" Class (49.5" diagonal) PNM501 and 40" Class (39.5" diagonal) PNM401 monitors deliver out-of-the-box digital signage solutions even without external devices such as PCs. What’s more, the PNM501/M401 monitors come standard with original software for simple content distribution. The PNM501/M401 monitors offer versatile solutions for a wide range of digital signage applications.

Built-in SoC (System on a Chip)

The PNM501/M401 monitors has a powerful integrated SoC controller driven by the Arm® Cortex®-A17 quad core processor (max. 1.8 GHz) with 2 GB memory and 8 GB storage. It integrates Android™ OS (4.4) and comes pre-installed with several types of signage support software. This means the PNM501/M401 monitors are ready to display signage right out-of-the-box, even without a PC. It is also compatible with various third-party Android apps, which further expands the usability.

Excellent Image Quality

Thanks to its 1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V)-pixel resolution, the PNM501/M401 monitors express all of the detail and visual impact of your selected full-HD content. A brightness of 450 cd/m2 supports these LCD monitors.

Flexible Settings

Whether in a landscape or portrait orientation, the PNM501/M401 monitors can be installed face-up, face-down, or tilted forward or backward at an angle of up-to 90 degrees. Designed for easy hanging installation, they can be suspended from four corners of the rear housing with wires. Such fl¬exibility gives you more freedom to meet today’s demanding signage needs.

DisplayPort™ Daisy Chain

Multiple PNM501/M401 monitors can be set-up in a daisy chain configuration by connecting between the DisplayPort terminals, so you can display the same content simultaneously on all screens.

24-Hour Daily Operation

The PNM501/M401 monitors support 24/7 operation, bringing reliable daily performance to retail, office, and many other locations.

Wireless Connectivity (option)

An optional Wireless Board (PNZB03W) allows up to 10 devices—including Mac or Windows® computers, smartphones, and tablets—to connect to the PNM501/M401 monitors simultaneously without any cable hassles. You can display the content of one device on the whole screen, or you can display the content from up-to four devices in a 2 x 2 split screen. This wireless collaboration is a great way to enhance productivity in the workplace.

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