Sharp's AQUOS BOARD™ PNL703W is designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. The PNL703W includes built-in wireless connectivity that enables different devices to connect easily. Information from those devices can be displayed in a 2 x 2 split screen, allowing for highly productive interactions. Using SHARP Touch Viewer™ software, you can manipulate various file types in the same work area. The pen digitizer function, meanwhile, distinguishes between pen and finger input and supports natural and seamless operation. These and other superb AQUOS BOARD™ features are sure to boost creativity and participation levels in presentations and small-scale meetings, while fulfilling the growing demand for cable-free collaboration.

Built-In Wireless Presentation Ability

• Allows users to wirelessly present content on the AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display directly from their devices without the need to pre-load files or data.

Promotes Security

• Confidential information from a meeting cannot be leaked, as data is not stored during wireless connection. And, since there is no need to connect into a main network, your own wireless hot spot is created for a more secure environment.

2 x 2 Split-Screen Display

• Display the onscreen contents of wireless devices in a 2 x 2 split screen. Any one of the individual screens can be enlarged to full-screen size.

New Annotation Tools

• The Direct Drawing function, combined with the new Overlay tool, allows users to capture meeting notes faster and easier than ever. Create notes on the fly or annotate over existing content whether it's a document, webpage, or even a video. Capture your annotations quickly as a JPEG file on a USB media stick or to a wirelessly connected Mac® or Windows® computer.

SHARP Touch Viewer™ Software

• This touch-operated onscreen user interface lets you easily view, manipulate and write annotations on different types of files, videos and Web pages.

Pen Digitizer Function

• This feature automatically distinguishes pen and finger input, allowing you to perform pen and touch operations without having to switch modes.

Support & Downloads


  • Complete full install Pen Software for all PNL series. This package can be installed when NO Pen software was previously installed. When connected to the PN-L803C, the software permits Multiboard function
  • For touch panel to operate a MAC PC/OS 10.12/10.13 NOTE for PNC703B & PNC603D--the Touch Firmware must be updated FIRST
  • Mac 10.10 Touch Panel Driver.Touch Panel Driver 2 is a program that enables you to use a touch panel to operate a computer that is connected to the video input terminal of an applicable model. To use the touch panel, the touch panel must be connected to a computer, and the touch panel driver 2 must
  • Management Software tool to keep all the Sharp display software at the latest versions. It downloads it. The usermust run each setup to upgrade.
  • Microsoft Windows OS Sharp Display connect (Formally known as Touch Display Link) is software that allows you to send and receive files between a monitor and a mobile device such as a tablet device and to share and operate a screen on a Wi-Fi network
  • Sharp Display connect Client only
  • This software can be used to display various files used for meetings, presentations and other events. The displayed content can be moved, rotated and resized. A simple touch, this software becomes an effective tool for discussions based on various media.
  • This software supports the management and use of SHARP LCD MONITORS. • You can turn on/off the LCD MONITOR, switch inputs, and set the schedule. • You can control two or more LCD MONITORs simultaneously. • You can set user levels to restrict operations. • You can monitor the LCD MONITOR for erro
  • Touch panel to operate a MAC PC/OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 NOTE for PNC703B & PNC603D--the Touch Firmware must be updated FIRST.
  • Touch Pen Utility software and driver. This software enables a touch pen to be used on a computer connected to the video input terminal of an applicable model. To use a touch pen with a computer, this software must be installed on the computer.
  • Wireless Controller Firmware update
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