Introducing a highly responsive touchscreen monitor that brings a new dimension of interactive functionality to the workplace. This 20-inch-class touchscreen LCD panel delivers full HD resolution with performance-enhancing UV2A technology. Its 10-point multi-touchscreen provides extremely quick response for writing and touch gestures. When connected to a device running Windows® 8, the monitor serves as a beautifully intuitive interface.

Touchscreen Capability

• 10-Point Multi-Touchscreen - The LLS201A is capable of recognizing 10 touch points at once. This expands touch interface applications beyond onscreen writing to include gaming, typing via an onscreen keyboard, playing virtual musical instruments, and more.
• Windows® 8 Compatibility - The LLS201A is compatible with devices running Windows® 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft®. Windows® 8 supports smooth and intuitive touchscreen functionality, which can be experienced to its fullest on this beautifully responsive LCD monitor.

Highly Sensitive Pen Input

• Smooth Onscreen Writing - Incorporating a highly sensitive capacitive touchscreen, the LLS201A offers precise recognition of onscreen input, whether it originates from a hand or pen. As well as being sensitive enough to detect the bundled pencil-slim touch pen, the LLS201A can also distinguish pen and hand input, for stress-free onscreen writing.
• 2-mm-Tip Touch Pen - The dedicated touch pen allows smooth and extremely accurate onscreen writing of fine text and lines—it’s just like writing on paper. The LLS201A’s pen features an extra small 2-mm tip that enables users to easily underline text, add notations, draw illustrations, and make amendments to onscreen content.
• Support for Microsoft® Office® Ink Tools - The LLS201A supports Microsoft® Office® Ink functionality, allowing the user to write on Excel® or Word® documents displayed onscreen and save the files—notations and all.
• Sharp Pen Software - The bundled Sharp Pen Software lets users enjoy natural handwriting functionality. Once documents have been imported as images and displayed on the touchscreen, users can quickly write and draw directly on the screen surface using the bundled touch pen or a finger. Sharp Pen Software also features an overlay mode that enables onscreen handwriting regardless of the application being used.

User Friendliness

• Palm Cancellation Function - A palm cancellation function prioritizes pen recognition, so users can write with the touch pen even if their palm is resting on the screen.
• One-Touch 180-Degree Rotation - A touch of the onscreen Rotate icon rotates the screen content 180 degrees , making the monitor a highly effective tool in face-to-face, across-the-table presentations, consultations, and the like.

Built with Quality

• Slim-Bezel, Full-Flat Screen - The LLS201A features a narrow 15.4-mm bezel and a “full-flat” screen that’s seamlessly flush with the bezel. This makes it ideal for touchscreen operations that involve swiping from the edge of the screen—for example, the charm bar in Windows® 8.
• Thin and Lightweight - The LLS201A weighs 2.3 kg and measures only 25.2 mm at its thickest point. This thin, lightweight design makes it easy to move about and enables users to easily switch between standing, pen writing, or horizontal usage styles.
• Superb Image Quality - The LLS201A’s 20-inch-class LCD panel incorporates Sharp’s UV2A technology. This ensures highly efficient use of light from the backlight and prevents light leakage, for the display of truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. The LLS201A also boasts 1,920 x 1,080-pixel full-HD resolution to ensure that none of the detail or visual impact is lost. Everything from fine text to intricate graphics is rendered with impressive precision.
Support & Downloads


  • Complete full install Pen Software for all PNL series. This package can be installed when NO Pen software was previously installed. When connected to the PN-L803C, the software permits Multiboard function
  • Mac 10.11 and 10.10 Touch Panel Driver.Touch Panel Driver 2 is a program that enables you to use a touch panel to operate a computer that is connected to the video input terminal of an applicable model. To use the touch panel, the touch panel must be connected to a computer, and the touch panel driv
  • Microsoft Windows OS Sharp Display connect (Formally known as Touch Display Link) is software that allows you to send and receive files between a monitor and a mobile device such as a tablet device and to share and operate a screen on a Wi-Fi network
  • Operation Manual and driver for Mac 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
  • Operation Manual and driver for Mac 10.9
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